Directorate of External Relations

The Directorate of External Relations was created following the restructuring of Community Institutions and the transformation of the Executive Secretariat into a Commission in January 2007.

Objectives, Duties and Strategies.

The Directorate ensures efficient and effective resource mobilization in line with ECOWAS overall strategic mandate.

As a strategic Focal Point, the Directorate assists the Commission and its Departments to build relevant synergies and communication links with the National Units and Permanent Representations of ECOWAS Member States in Abuja as well as the Special Representatives of the President of the Commission, with a view to ensuring the smooth implementation of ECOWAS decisions and programmes.

In this regard, the Directorate is saddled with the responsibility of cooperating with Member States through sustained consultations and coordination of relations with National Units, Permanent Representations in Abuja, and Special Representatives of the President.

The strategies of the Directorate of External Relations for meeting its objectives are guided by the principles of ownership, partnership and sustainability. It builds relevant in-house capacity to bring about a result- oriented, well-coordinated and integrated approach to resource mobilization, utilization, Coordination and reporting.

Member States